• Personal stories
  • Practical tips
  • Powerful exercises



What will you gain?

-    150+ pages of incredible information

-    Sense of happiness and fulfilment in your modelling career

-    Creating confidence, wherever you are

-    Energy-Management: controlling your energy in the modelling environment

-    Master your mind and get rid of negative self-doubt

-    Learn to compare yourself to yourself only

-    Direct-go-to-guide on how to deal with rejection

-    Become beautifully balanced

-    Size-acceptance, whether you’re size 0 or 20

-    Communicating boundaries with clarity

-    Gain a worry-free mind

-    Embrace your true uniqueness


  • BONUS: 30 Amazing Affirmations

To Make Your Modeling Career Mindblowing.


  • BONUS: Daily Fill-in Worksheet

So Each Day is Filled with Happiness, Purpose and Confidence.


  • BONUS: 7-day Challenge

To Get You Started NOW in Created The Life You Want.


Who is this book written for?

The Happy Model Mind has got universal lessons and can therefore be read by everyone: model or non-model. However, the lessons in the e-book are applied to the modeling industry.

Models of all sorts and sizes can improve their mind by purchasing this e-book. It is specifically written for the (aspiring or thorough) model who's looking for more fulfilment, fun and freedom in their modelling career. 


After purchasing the e-book, you'll get the PDF directly in your mailbox.

E-book 'The Happy Model Mind'

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