What if you'd accept your body as it is?

Updated: May 13, 2020

I just wrote this down in my notebook: 'What if I would completely accept my body - just the way as it is?' This thought-experiment was one I never dared to grasp. I was never able to really feel comfortable in my own skin. I was born here in a body that never really felt 'mine'.

This body of mine. This body that needed to appear or look a certain way - and be healthy on top of it. What if I would let go of this need of outside confirmation of my body? What if I would just accept my body the way it is right now?

No need to change. No need to be, do or try anymore. Just let my body be as it is. Doesn't sound feel like freedom to you?

'Body-positivity' is such a broad concept. And a lot of people blow this term up on social media platform's like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. However, body-positivity seems to be the second step for me. Body-acceptance will be my first step.

Feeling complete acceptance towards every cell in my body is simplistic, but far from simple. Especially because I'm a model, I felt like I needed to look, be or behave a certain way.

No. The only thing I need to do, is to accept myself.

How can one accept themselves? The answer to this question is (in my opinion) not a sexy one, but I'm going to say it to you anyway: it's a long process. It's a long process to fully accept all your 'physical flaws' and all your 'imperfections'.

But there's a reward. A big reward! Once you truly accept your body (that means: not judging your body in terms of 'good' or 'bad'), you'll not only feel happier. You will also see that your physical 'imperfections' are no imperfections at all: they're your unique qualities that make you powerful as a model.

Truly own your imperfections. They're yours.



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