Updated: May 13, 2020

Abundance. I used to think of this as: a lot of money, freedom to do whatever you want and a sense of fulfilment and joy everywhere you go. And in a way - this is true. This is a truthful sense of abundance.

However, abundance is so much more than only a material fulfilment. With the corona virus crossing our world, abundance get's a new sense meaning for me. Abundance is not necessarily found in the big things or big accomplishments. Being abundant is not so much materialistic, but it's the feeling behind the materialistic.

We don't buy a house, just to have a house. Instead, we buy a house to feel love, grounded and safe, for example. We don't get that new car, just to have a new car. We get that car for the freedom, or sense of belonging or security we feel when we're driving.

You see - materialistic stuff is never an end goal. It's the instrument to which we can reach an emotional level of fulfilment. 'Abundance' is a wider concept. True abundance is more profound than material stuff. It's real and honest and it can be found in the small things of life.

Do you see that tiny little smile of an old grandma passing by? Can you get a feeling of fulfilment when you hear the laugh of a child? Are you satisfied with a glass of clean water? That's what I mean with true abundance.

I know we're struggling in difficulty and fear right now, but these times are crucial for creating our character. Where can you give more love, care and (emotional) shelter? Where can you give more abundance? What do you want your character to be like - when things get tough? Although we're not allowed to hug each other, we can fill each other emotionally. Together we're stronger. Together we can choose for loving intentions. Together we'll be abundant.

This is a time for deepening your love to others, deepening your meaningful relationships and you may even be deepening your spiritual practice. The specific ways in which the abundance will take specific form in your life, is up to you.

Stay healthy. But stay sane, too.

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