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The worst thing about being a model? The imbalance we face and emotional costs we make in order to do our job right. We are being pushed and pulled (literally and figuratively) from all directions. We feel overwhelmed. We face insecurities. We feel like we have no control over our situations. Our boundaries might be crossed. We need to perform on a high level - and sometimes it costs us our inner peace and happiness.

Are you struggling with finding balance and true happiness in the big, crazy modelling industry?


You don’t have to. Imagine that there would be a cure for this. A solution to your model struggles. Do you want to be happier? More relaxed? Worry less? What if you could enjoy the modelling to the fullest - without all the hardship?


We all have this power to take back control, to be happy and to be in the driver’s seat to guide our lives. You just have to tap into that power. You owe it yourself to gain happiness. My wish for you is to thrive - not only as a model but as a human being. This e-book will give you the next steps you need in order to be the happiest version of yourself. It is possible to fully enjoy this big, crazy, but beautiful fashion industry. 

During my 10 years of modelling (and having worked for brands like Louis Vuitton, Chloé and Paco Rabanne), I was struggling with my mindset. I was a perfectionist and I was feeling stuck. I wasn’t really living - I was being lived. Why couldn’t I just be happy? Eventually, I developed an eating disorder and was diagnosed with a depression. As I worked on my mindset, my health and my spiritual development, my life started to shift. I was no longer the shy girl who didn't know who she was, I became a woman who was eager to fight for what she believed in. I realised who I am deep inside - and discovered all the treasures that came with this realisation. 


That’s my wish for you, too. I've written this book to let you realise what power and hidden treasures you have deep inside.  

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Would you like to know more about daphne? 

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What will you gain?

-    150+ pages of incredible information

-    Sense of happiness and fulfilment in your modelling career

-    Creating confidence, wherever you are

-    Energy-Management: controlling your energy in the modelling environment

-    Master your mind and get rid of negative self-doubt

-    Learn to compare yourself to yourself only

-    Direct-go-to-guide on how to deal with rejection

-    Become beautifully balanced

-    Size-acceptance, whether you’re size 0 or 20

-    Communicating boundaries with clarity

-    Gain a worry-free mind

-    Embrace your true uniqueness

WHAT’S IN it for me? 

Personal stories

Because you're not alone.

Powerful exercises

To implement the knowledge directly in your personal life.

Practical tips

Allow yourself to regain your inner power.

Yes, I’m reaching the Happy Model Mind!



- not nearly the price of your new pair of shoes

"Daphne's vision and personal experiences are SO valuable. I wish she wrote this ebook years ago when I started modeling! She goes way deeper than some practical advice. It's about staying true to yourself in this business, building self confidence in every way and finding your 'why'. Mental health should be a priority in the fashion industry & I think this ebook is a lovely way to spread awareness and work on your own happy model mind."

- Joanne

You matter. Not just as a model, but as a human being. 


Let’s turn your struggles into smiles.

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