Daphne is a philosophy graduate, certified coach, ex-athlete and fashion model from the Netherlands. Her mission? To let models flourish in their unique strengths, regain their inner mental power and create a more loving fashion environment. Life doesn’t have to be that hard - even when you work in fashion.

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After ten years of living in and breathing the modelling industry, I’ve worked for brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada and Chloé. I've traveled the world, from Miami to Tokyo and from Paris to Los Angeles and have seen many situations: the ups and the downs, the pros and cons, the ugly and the beautiful. This crazy fashion world can be your most beautiful dream -  and your worst nightmare.


When I was living in Paris in 2015, I hit rock bottom. After developing an eating disorder and being diagnosed with depression, I had to quit modelling. This was one of the hardest decisions I’d ever made. This low point in my career was something I felt ashamed of: I seemed to have this amazing life, but I couldn’t appear to be truly happy. ‘What is wrong with me?’, I kept asking myself, ‘Why can't I just be happy?’. 


Fearlessly acknowledging and accepting any situation (without feeling the need to immediately change it) has helped me while I was stuck in these thinking patterns. This is still a precious realisation for me, that I will teach you in the following chapters as well. It simply allows you to adapt your perception. You'll no longer be in that aggressive, destructive fighting-mode, but you’ll remain kind and loving in stressful situations. Within this self-love perspective (instead of feeling hateful, grudgeful or feeling a sense of not being good enough), you’ll be able to make gradual little steps to a better life. You’ll be able to grow and, when practised regularly, be happy.


There's always more strength within you than you think. After a year of recovering, listening to myself and my body, and working on my core beliefs by journaling, I decided to come back to the modelling industry. I felt like a different human being. I’d grown. I dared to dream of a bigger and more fulfilled life. I felt more confident, stronger and vibrant. 

Of course, I kept learning new life lessons every day, and I still do. After my comeback, however, I was able to enjoy modelling more profoundly than ever before. I’d created a compassionate, healthy and balanced mindset , not only towards myself, but also towards the modeling industry and towards life in general. That’s truly what I wish for everyone who’s reading this.


I believe that there is an unstoppable passion in all of us - but some of us haven’t discovered it yet. All human beings have a unique blueprint that they may embody. That power is in all of us, but it’s up to you to awaken it. Dare to search for this passion and dare to live your biggest dreams. We need your light in this (sometimes dark) industry.

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E-book 'The Happy Model Mind'

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