Energy Healer,
Un-Coverer and

Helping you un-cover your real treasures by seeing you for what you truly are: divine.

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Hello! My name is Daphne.


I'm here to help you find your true inner being, that is always full of abundance, love and peace. Even though life can be rough, we can always chose the way we feel, act and respond in those situations.
Often, something's holding you back in seeing the situation in a nourishing way. That's where I come in. I help you see your energetic blocks, where you keep yourself from moving forward.


After years of modeling, I've figured out how important it is to stay close to yourself, to your body and to your intuition. Steps I take in my personal life are always in consideration with my intuition. I work intuitively, which means I receive messages from the Life Force in order to help you grow. 


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